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 my first charrieeeeee

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PostSubject: my first charrieeeeee   Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:03 pm

Name:Carmen Olivia Daniels
Age/Birthday:16, Dec.14
Year in Hogwarts(optional, but age has to be reasonable for what year they're in):4
Mudblood, pure-blood, or half-blood?:Pure-blood
Weapons?:Just a Wand
Flaws(three):She hates small spaces,she hates to not be in charge (the most she does is pout),she always speaks whats on her mind, which gets her in lots of trouble sometimes
Country of Origin:America
Mother:Amanda Daniels
Father:Xander Daniels
Personality(three sentences):Carmen loves to be in charge but is very kind and rebelious. She is willing to do anything as long as its not in a crowded room or crawlspace. She can make friends easily its just a matter of keeping them where she has trouble. She is very outdoor-sy and loves to help out
Eyes:dark brown
Hair:Black/Brown with barely visible red streaks (mostly brown)
Height:5 foot even
Body Type:Slim,hourglass figure,athletic build
Skin Color:slightly tan
Biography(six sentences):Carmen grew up in a house with 3 siblings,the enviroment not so amazing. Her parents were all the time fighting and arguing,threatning to leave each other. They lived in a small apartment that Carmen COULD NOT stand because everywhere she turned there was barely enough room to step. Her parents threw things around,often causing injury to either the apartment or to the children. One day a Hogwarts letter came for her (since her siblings are not of age). She practically threw a party because finally she was out of there. She felt bad about leaving all her sibling there but they were all almost about to leave too. She tries to keep in touch with them the best she can but that isnt always easy. She has trouble seeing her parents as sweet lovers..much less wizards but shes not going to argue with the letter that got her away.
RP Example(four sentences):"XANDER DANIELS YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE WITHOUT TALKING TO ME!" screamed my mom, her voice harsh and horse. "IM SORRY MOTHER BUT I AM A GROWN MAN I AM GOING WHERE I WANT TO GO!" "NO!DONT MAKE ME THROW THIS!" Then I hear the sharp cry of a child. "CARMEN!" Amilia (my youngest sister) screamed running down the hall. Her eyes were puffy,red,and she had shards of a vase in her arm. I pick them out and put a hot washcloth over the wound and some scar cream. I pull her close to me. "Its okay."I soothe her and sing to her. When the fighting stops we hear hushed whipsers. "Do you think we should?" "No she needs me!" "She doesnt need you look at us! She needs them" then I hear "CARMEN!" I run down the hall and to my parents. They look scary even at their calmest of moments. They hand me the letter "Here" and thats the day I left.

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my first charrieeeeee
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